Sunday, March 27, 2011

Full Metal Panic

Sousuke Sagara, a 16 year old mercenary, who has lived all his life fighting in various wars. His next mission? To protect a high school girl. This anime combines elements from different genres to create something very enjoyable. There's action, mecha, comedy and some romance, so you'll definitely find something you like.

One of the main characteristics of the show is how it changes from the funny sequences in high school, where Sousuke tries to fit in but he can't due to his soldier mentality, and the serious action scenes where Sousuke pilots his robot and stops the enemies.

And the other main aspect of the show is the relationship between Sousuke and Kaname Chidori, the girl he must protect. Sousuke always takes things literally and can't seem to understand everyday logic. Chidori is short-tempered, so she always ends up yelling at Sousuke for his abnormality. But as they grow closer they start to slowly understand each other.

The characters are really likeable. Besides from the two main ones, you find Sousuke's co-workers and a clumsy girl around his age who happens to be his captain.

As the story progresses it becomes more serious. I recommend you to watch it. Also, Sousuke's awesome!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Electric Light Orchestra (or just ELO) appeared in the 70's. They blended regular rock instruments with an orchestra. Originally, they wanted to continue taking music in the direction the Beatles left it, but they had to give up on this after two albums (because nobody can manage that). That doesn't mean they became worse. In fact, one of their songs was one of John Lennon's favorites.

Starting with their third album, everything they did in the 70's is excellent! Well, I am a little biased about this, I admit it, but they are actually pretty good. Jeff Lynne, the vocalist and mastermind behind this, had good songwriting skills. However, in the 80's they lost their way. Just don't listen to that (except for a few songs of course).

My Top 5:
-Telephone Line
-10538 Overture
-Strange Magic
-Evil Woman

Sunday, March 13, 2011

An announcement + More Top 5s

I'm starting college next week, so I won't have much time for posting. Probably I'll only write once or twice a week. Thanks for following me all this time, make sure you at least drop by every Sunday.

Now, in all my posts about rock artists the most important section, for me, was the top songs. Since I won't be posting too much, I leave you some Top 5s.

Bob Dylan Top 5:
-Blowin' in the Wind
-Mr Tambourine Man
-Like a Rolling Stone
-Subterranean Homesick Blues
-Desolation Row

The Who Top 5:
-Baba O'Riley
-My Generation
-Won't Get Fooled Again
-I Can't Explain

Creedence Clearwater Revival Top 5:
-Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
-Fortunate Son
-Lookin' Out My Back Door
-Proud Mary
-Bad Moon Rising

Bruce Springsteen Top 5:
-Born to Run
-Rosalita (Come out Tonight)
-Thunder Road
-Dancing in the Dark or Born in the USA [tie]

Nirvana Top 5:
-Heart Shaped Box
-In Bloom
-All Apologies
-About a Girl

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Rolling Stones

Whenever someone thinks about rock, this group comes to mind. One of the few acts to survive such a long time and still be awesome. They started in the 60's, and were viewed as a tougher counterpart to the Beatles during the 'British Invasion'. Eventually they moved away from covers and pop to a more bluesy style of their own.

Their best albums were made between 1968 and 1972 (from Beggars Banquet to Exile on Main St.), which was when the band was more focused. After that they started to relax. They still release some good songs from time to time, but their average dropped. However, how dare you complain? It's the Rolling Stones! Their live shows are great too.

My Top 5:
-Sympathy for the Devil
-Gimme Shelter
-Paint it, Black
-Shine a Light
-Can't You Hear Me Knocking

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Two Top 10s

Led Zeppelin and Queen. I don't think there's anything I need to say about these classic bands. I know that this can apply to most of the bands I talk about here, but it is specifically truer for these two.

Now, if you asked me which one I prefer then I would be in trouble because it's very difficult to pick one, considering they have different styles. All I can say is that Led Zeppelin came first and that they were an influence on early Queen.

Since a Top 5 wouldn't be enough, I'm doing a Top 10. I haven't included Stairway to Heaven or Bohemian Rhapsody since they would unfairly occupy the number one spot, being the classics that they are.

Led Zeppelin Top 10:
-Immigrant Song
-Whole Lotta Love
-The Ocean
-Dazed and Confused
-Ramble On
-Ten Years Gone
-Good Times Bad Times
-Black Dog

Queen Top 10:
-Killer Queen
-We Will Rock You
-We Are the Champions
-Hammer to Fall
-Don't Stop Me Now
-Seven Seas of Rhye
-I Want to Break Free
-Now I'm Here
-Another One Bites the Dust
-The Millionaire Waltz

Friday, March 4, 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers

An alternative rock band formed in the 80's. Their style began as a fusion of rock, funk and rap, with elements from other genres too, but they have evolved into a finer, more polished style throughout the years.

Their early material is just ok for me, but nothing special. It wasn't until they had a steady lineup in 1989 that they took off. Blood Sugar Sex Magik is their greatest album, and a must for any fan of alternative rock. They're currently working on their new album.

My Top 5:
-Storm in a Teacup
-Give it Away
-Under the Bridge
-Higher Ground (cover)

In case you haven't listened to Storm in a Teacup, here it is:

Results - Favorite Band

So, the most voted bands were Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The first two I was going to talk about eventually anyways, so I'll leave those for later. Now, I give you some RHCP.

Also, thanks for your opinions. I've seen some very good bands in there! Don't worry, I'll talk about many of the bands and artists you said someday.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Your Favorite Band?

I'm not in the mood today for one of my usual posts, so I'll do this instead. If you haven't noticed from the references to Strawberry Fields Forever in my blog's title and URL, my favorite band is The Beatles. They're awesome! I don't find anything as entertaining as their music.

Anyways, can you tell me what's your favorite rock band/solo artist? If many people agree on one or two (and me too of course), I'll talk about the group. GO!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Arctic Monkeys

An indie-ish rock band. To me it's one of the last great rock groups to be formed, considering the trend in music nowadays.

Their best album is their first one, which is also the fastest selling debut album ever (at least in England). Something about Alex Turner's voice and lyrics is just memorable. They're currently working on their new album.

My Top 5:
-I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor
-Fluorescent Adolescent
-Fake Tales of San Francisco
-Secret Door
-The View From the Afternoon

Also, if you liked this group, check out The Last Shadow Puppets, the lead singer's other project.