Monday, February 28, 2011

The Breakfast Club

Ever since the 90's, when you think about teen movies you think about comedies about teenagers getting wasted and getting laid. Well, back in the 80's this movie came out and changed that whole genre. This movie is nothing like the ones after it.

Five students must stay in the school's library a Saturday as a punishment for very different things. At first they are aggressive to each other, but slowly they begin to know each other better and discover that they all have problems.

What I like the most are the characters. Sure, they may seem a little stereotyped, but that's just to make it simpler for the audience to relate to them. By the end of this you'll feel like you've known a part of you better.

"But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal. Does that answer your question?" - The Breakfast Club

Sunday, February 27, 2011


The "Bad Boys from Boston". One of my favorite bands, and one with the longest career. They have had problems many times and somehow they've continued strong. Went to see them live last year and they still rock.

For me their best stuff is their early, 70's stuff. Their best album is Toys in the Attic, a definite classic. Since the 90's they have softened, but I think they somehow earned the right to be at that position since they had already proven everyone they rocked during the previous two decades. Well I also like their power ballads, which are good too if you like that style.

My top 5 songs:
-Dream On
-Sweet Emotion
-Walk This Way
-Last Child
-Love in an Elevator
(the order is just chronological)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Matrix

Who hasn't at least heard of this? One of the biggest sci-fi movies of our times. Now I'll just talk about the first one, which was the one that introduced all these innovative concepts and ideas, thus the best (for me).

The story really makes you wonder if we aren't actually living in the matrix right now. My favorite part is the beginning - how they keep the audience intrigued on what is happening until you discover the secret of the matrix. The effects for the action scenes are great; I mean, who doesn't remember the slow motion bullet time?

I'm trying not to spoil too much here just in case anybody hasn't watched it yet, so I'll just end my post here. It can appeal to a wide audience because of the many genres it approaches: there's action, sci-fi, cyberpunk, some romance, some kind of philosophy and even a few jokes now and then. If you haven't watched it please do. It's that kind of movie that can mean different things to different people.

"Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself." - Morpehus

Friday, February 25, 2011


Oasis is probably the biggest UK band to appear in the 90's. Not only did they lead the Britpop movement, but their sound capture the essence of everything in rock music up to their time. Sounds pretty cool, huh?

The Gallagher brothers shared vocal duties, each one adding his unique style. To me their best albums are their first three, with their first one being the fastest selling debut album in the UK. Too bad the band has broken up.

My top 5 songs:
-Live Forever
-Don't Look Back in Anger
-The Masterplan
-The Importance of Being Idle

Thursday, February 24, 2011


The OP from Cowboy Bebop. Artist: The Seatbelts. This song is very good! I mean, I don't listen to jazz, but it's great.

One of the things people remember the most about this show is its music, and here you can hear why. I'll probably talk about the show itself eventually.

The Ramones

Starting small sometime in the mid 70's, these guys invented Punk and mastered their game in no time. Their famous short gigs with a lot of songs continue to inspire bands up to this date.

I like the fact that they got fed up with the current trend in rock music. At the time, Hard Rock artists played the guitar in the hardest way possible, while Prog Rockers wanted to write complex songs. The Ramones just said screw that. They kept it as simple as possible.

My top 5 songs:
-Blitzkrieg Bop
-Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World
-I Wanna Be Sedated
-Bonzo Goes to Bitburg
(the order is just chronological)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

A mecha anime telling the story of a man who fought against his destiny and succeeded. It is one of my favorite anime, thus the first I talk about. If you haven't seen this already you should. Sure, it's mecha, but it isn't too technical to be disliked by people who don't like mecha (In fact, the only explanation about the robots is that they run on your spirit). Just consider this to be rated M for Manly.

The first episodes can be deceiving; just a show about badass robot fights and fun, where you know the good guys will win by the end of the day (which doesn't make it any bad, though).

However, events that follow make the characters grow. I really enjoyed the characterization of this story, particularly in the MC - Simon. He goes from being a small kid under Kamina's wings, to a grown man capable of facing his destiny. Simon walking away in the end left me a weird bittersweet sensation you can understand if you have watched it too.

After I finished watching I was left with the feeling that I could do anything! Well, I'm exaggerating, but it sure leaves you with the desire to fight the powah.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sgt. Pepper - Review

Who hasn't heard of this album before? Some say it's overrated, others have an extremely idealised view of it. To be fair, few albums had reached this level of sophistication by 1967. Me? I just enjoy it.

First track, the title track, has a great hard rock feel, with a cool horn tune to give that marching band idea. "With a Little Help From my Friends", sung by Ringo, is the perfect singalong.

My favorite song here, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", has space-ish vocals in the verse to match the weirdness. Of course the chorus is just a regular, title only chorus, but it's to give that childlish atmosphere present in the psychedelic genre. Also, some cool imagery in the lyrics.

"Fixing a Hole" is awesome, with its distorted guitar and trippy lyrics. "She's Leaving Home" is a piece of classical music, with the orchestra and everything; it's very good. "Good Morning Good Morning" has a great brass section and a hardcore guitar solo to remind us who we are dealing with. "Mr. Kite" and its circus atmosphere is extremely enjoyable.

Finally, there's "A Day in the Life", which most choose as their best song ever. This one I cannot describe to you, you must hear it (if you haven't already) and make your own thoughts. Its effect may vary from one person to the next. The final note after the last orchestra build up is just epic. Period.

A definite must for everyone into Classic Rock, this album is very good if you just ignore the ridiculously huge amount of praise it receives. After all, they'd love to turn us on...


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